What Will They Do?

11 million new (illegal) people will be walking freely among us. What will all of you Obama supporters do when your free stuff starts to disappear because the illegals are getting more of it now that they can come out from hiding? What will you do? Will you realize that your ignorance of what’s good for you is run amok? Will you bow your head in shame and say the republicans were right? No, you won’t. You will stick your greedy, self indulging hands out expecting those of us who do and don’t take to give you more of OUR hard earned blood, sweat and tears. Am I right or am I right? Oh yeah, I’m right.


What does the word FRIEND mean to you?

It has been said that if you can get through this life with one REAL friend, you are rich beyond measure.  I would agree with this.  Are these people friends or are they more wannabe friends?  Are they in your life because they truly love you or do they want something?  What do they gain by being your friend?  More importantly, what do you gain by being their’s?  Do we call them friends because we want it to be so or are they really a bonafide, would do anything for you at any hour of the day or night no matter the issue or request, cry with you while laughing at wild antics, seeing through any problem and never judging and take your secrets to the grave kind of friend?  I just don’t know.  Social networking has skewed all of this.  I have always tried to be a real friend to people.  I never have an agenda.  I never say one thing and mean another.  I have noticed that some people who claim to be friends really aren’t.  It hurts.  Sometimes a person’s political views can push people away (this has happened to me) and to them you should say good riddance.  If politics overtakes “real” friendship, they were never needed in your life in the first place.  

It’s sad when a person plays mind games under the guise of friendship.  I have noticed this all around me recently which prompted this post.  I have watched friends be torn apart inside by so-called-friends.  I don’t understand how people can proclaim to be another’s friend when they so obviously aren’t.    I can spot it a mile away and not much else can turn me off so quickly.  I have pulled away from people over my 46 years because their agenda is so darned obvious and I am sure you have, too.  It’s no fun to be played like a fiddle!

So, what does friend mean to you?  To me it means one who has your back, one who loves you no matter what, one who defends you, comes to your aid, one who listens with nothing to gain just because you need to talk.  A real friend has no agenda.  They don’t look you in the eye and say one thing and then go behind your back and say another.  They don’t ignore you and cast you aside and then act shocked when you are hurt by it.  Friends never think of themselves first but put you first.  If someone in your life proclaims to be your friend, gauge their treatment of you.  If you are wronged, you need to ask yourself if this really was a friendship or was it a wannabe friendship?  Don’t set yourself up for the hurt.  

Life is short.  Cull your real friends.  Make the rest earn their YOU time.  Value you and choose to stop the nonsense with so-called-friends.  This applies to family, too.  Blood is thicker than water but I fully believe that family can blow it, too.  You don’t have to lie down and be a doormat for anyone.  

What does the word FRIEND mean to you?  I would love to know…  



Gun Control

Gun Control seems to be the topic of the day and it’s maddening to me.  I mean, come on!  How is it that the president is so far off base?  How does he not know that what he’s done with these 23 executive orders is violate our Constitutional rights?  The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms and not just the random run-of-the-mill hand gun bit the same sort as is used by the military so we can defend ourselves against our government.  What is WRONG with this man and his bleeding heart liberals?  WHY are they trying to destroy this right?  This entire topic makes my blood boil!  What say you?